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By | March 1, 2007

I wanted to switch to a three-column template and this one has the color scheme I like. Green is good. My only complain is that this template is still in beta and the widgets are not working. I have to manually edit the codes. My blogging hours are starting to add up. Jonathan was right, it does takes a lot of time to set up blogs. I wish I could get paid for it.

I hope you guys enjoy the new theme. Lots of good posts to come.

4 thoughts on “Blog Template Update

  1. Cordobo

    Hi Smarty,

    Version 0.93 Beta 4 for WordPress 2.0.x and 2.1.x supports widgets. Do you have the Widgets plugin installed and activated?

    Best regards,


  2. Smarty


    I have WordPress 2.0.6 and the Widgets plugin installed, but when I went to Sidebar Widgets section, I couldn’t drag any of the items to the sidebars. I tried dragging items on any template and it works.

  3. pfstock

    I am going to say that I don’t like your new template. Your old template had problems with the sidebar, but this one has even weirder problems. In IE7, posts will disappear when you roll over them. I usually use Firefox to read blogs, but even then, there are some weird formatting problems if I try to make the window narrower than full screen.

  4. Smarty

    I use Firefox to read blogs so I generally don’t see these issues, but thank you for alerting me. Unfortunately, this template is still in beta version. I like the color scheme and have spent some time customizing the layout. I have spent countless hours searching for templates and this one comes closest to something I have in mind. I’m using IE6 and the posts appear to be fine when maximized. The contents section displays incorrectly when the screen is shink to a smaller size. However, that problem does not happen in Firefox. It most likely has to do with IE. I’ll ask the author or see if I can get someone to fix this


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