Watch People Spend Money

By | August 8, 2006

When I hang out with people, I can’t help but take notice of how they spend their money. One time, I went to a Yankee’s store with my friend, who’s a big Yankee’s fan. She blew almost 100 bucks on Yankee items. I would certainly not do that, but since she’s a Yankee’s fan, she felt it was worth it.

Another time, I was in an eye-glasses store with my coworker and she dropped 600 dollars on three pairs of brand-name sunglasses. She bought two pairs for herself and one pair for her husband (to justify the spending, I guess).

It’s very interesting watching how people spend money. Sometimes you will be surprised. People may be frugal and stingy on some things but could dump half of their savings on something else you don’t feel it’s right. But, it is their money, so they can do spend it however they want. Ultimately, we all want to spend money to make ourselves feel better, and sometimes that can mean blowing a lot of money on the things that we like. Some people even spend money for pleasure. That’s why they say you can tell a lot about a person based on how he/she spends money.

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