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By | March 14, 2006

I’m thinking of getting a new domain and server to host my blog. I’m currently on Blogger. Everything is pretty much set up for me. I know some of you financial bloggers host on your own domains. I wonder how many of you do that, and what are the expenses for web hosting? What hosting packages did you get? Where do you get your templates and how do you set up your blog.

Also, how much do you make in ads? Is it enough to cover the hosting expenses?

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  1. Jonathan

    All my information on this is here in this link.

    I highly recommend getting off Blogger. If you think you can make more than $4 a month in ads from the first year, and $8 a month after that, you’ll have your hosting covered 😉

    If you think that is too much, and are willing to not have your own full dot-com domain, contact me and I may have something for you.

  2. Anonymous

    You can customize your blogger site – just play with the template. An example of a customized blogger site is http://www.frugalforlife.blogspot.com. You can also just search for unique blogskins by googling blogger and blogskins.

    When you move your site off blogger you will lose a lot of traffic and you will have to work hard to republicize your new site and get folks to change their links. Frankly I have yet to see how paying for your own domain really benefits you. Do you somehow get more Adsense money because you are no longer on blogger? It is one thing if you are technical and want to play around, but otherwise I have yet to see the payoff.

  3. Smart Capitalist

    I run all my stuff on my own server. There are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of. The first one is that you can use your choice of blogging software. The second is that you can run other software such as directories, forums, polls, and there are infinite other possibilities.

    As far as templates, you can either hone one to your liking by yourself, or you can find a site that provides templates for your blogging package. I get some from http://www.oswd.org/ if I want a new template for my sites.

    As for ads. The only site that does not work out viably is smart capitalist. If I were paying for a hosting plan, it would cover most of the bill though. Keep in mind my blog is only about 2 months old. It is also my only site that is hobby and not professional, so that could be a reason for it being lower.

  4. Mike

    I have other domains which I host, but I keep my pfblog on blogger because it’s new. I also make more money from an adult site than I ever would through blogging/adsense. 😉

    I use burton hosting and it’s 7$ a month. You can certainly find cheaper services.

    Moveable type provides good basic blog software (It’s all I’ve used) but there is some ftp and configuration required.

  5. Grant

    I recommend getting off Blogger too.

    I have far more freedom to do what I want with my own domain. I went through GoDaddy to get the domain and the hosting service. On top of that, I get a ton of email addresses to use too.

    I use Word Press as my blog software, and it seems to do the trick.

    I agree that if you can make a little bit of money off ads, it will cover the cost of getting your own domain name and hosting service.



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