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By | November 2, 2008

This week’s links roundup.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
Natalie MacNeil has trouble answering the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She wanted to be so many things when she grows up, so it was difficult to pick only one. Well, I found this post interesting because I can totally relate to the dilemma. As a kid, I wanted to be a scientist, an inventor, an astronaut, a video game maker, etc. And even today, I want to do be more than just “one” thing.

My manager always tells me that people can take on more than one role in their life and be good at all of them. People can become an engineer, an artist, a carpenter, and an accounting and be successful at all those roles. The whole purpose of assigning people with one specialty is only a corporate way of controlling people. There is no limit on what you want to become.

And I agree with him. Humans can achieve more than one role in their life. I am always working on multiple projects across different fields, from technical to finance to health. Hey, that means I am a software engineer, business analyst, stocks trader, entrepreneur, financial blogger, salesperson, mentor, landlord, and a natural medicine researcher at the same time.

Speaking of multiple role-playing, Silicon Valley Blogger (SVB) is a super woman.
She is a full-time problogger at The Digerati Life
She is a contributor and member of Work It Mom, a web site for working mothers.
She helps promote her spouse’s project: Best In Class, which is a recommendations site for various products.
She is the blog editor and owner of The Smarter Wallet, a consumer-oriented blog.
She worked as a contributor and the interim corporate blog editor for Mint.com, a personal finance software company.
She is a contributor to Prosper.com’s blog, an online peer-to-peer lending company.

Idea – More Efficient Highway Lighting
Nev talks about the idea of using alternative energy for highway lights such as solar and wind. When I was investing in solar companies earlier this year, I also had tons of ideas of making everything powered by solar and wind. For example, I thought, “Why can’t we install solar panels on all the buildings in NYC?” The skyscrapers would certainly benefit because they would stand higher and capture more of the sun’s energy.

Coinstar: The Big Lie
PF Stock bashes on the fees the Coinstar machine charges. I agree that it’s not worth to pay the 8.9% fee to convert money from one form to another. Coins are still as good as bills, and we can still pay with coins. However, it cost money to make the Coinstar machines, so I can see from a business standpoint why they charge a high fee. They make lazy people’s life easier.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links Roundup

  1. pfstock

    Hey, thanks for reading PFStock, and thanks for the link. I appreciate it! You’re a natural medicine researcher? I think that you left out landlord on your list of roles. Or, is that something you’d sooner forget about? And, does SVB help promote YOUR spouse’s project, or HER spouse’s project?

  2. Smarty

    Hi PFStock,

    I meant SVB and HER spouse. LOL

    You are correct, I am a landlord too, but it has been an unpleasant experience this year.


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