Weekend Links Roundup

By | December 22, 2008

Be Careful Which Gift Cards You Buy!
I have a $40 Sharper Image gift card. Sharper Image is closing down all stores. What should I do with the gift card now?

[ad#square]6 (relatively painless) ways to save money this holiday season
Monogamoney shares some tips for us to save money during this holiday season. I like tip #1, read about how other people are saving money. It helps a lot when you see how others save money, because you can do the same thing. My general advice would be to make good use of what you already have at home and avoid spending unnecessary money. Share food, car pool or watch in-house movies are some good ideas to save money.

Give gifts that deliver good value
Mighty Bargain Hunter recommends to give gifts that brings good value. I like to give and receive gifts that are meaningful, useful or worth keeping, like bonds certificates.

Get an Absolutely Free Copy of Your Credit Report from All 3 Credit Bureaus at annualcreditreport.com
RC presents the way to get 3 free credit reports. I had gotten one recently. Give it a try, it’s good to keep up to date with your credit history.

How to Take a Loss on an IRA
My Dollar Plan shows how to deduct a loss on an IRA on your tax return. There are certain requirements you have to meet before you can do this.

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