WFMI Jumped 14% Today

By | February 22, 2007

Whole Foods (WFMI) rose $ $6.41 (14.03%) today on news that it’s buying Wild Oats.

News: Whole Foods buying Wild Oats

Congrats to pfstock who bought this stock before the jump.

3 thoughts on “WFMI Jumped 14% Today

  1. pfstock

    Thanks for your congratulations. Today’s gain far exceeded my expectations. But, I think that you have the wrong graph. That looks like a chart for AVAV, not WFMI.

  2. pfstock

    I placed a stop order to protect my profits. WFMI’s price dropped on Friday, but my stop was not triggered, so I am holding onto it. I think that there could still be some considerable upside for WFMI, so holding is probably the best thing for now.


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