What’s Hot: ETF’s This Season

By | April 14, 2014

ETF's this season

There are exciting times ahead with the availability of ETF’s that are going to become available. It will be possible to use these exchange-traded funds and to make money on them. They are increasingly popular in the stock market because it doesn’t matter the amount of capital that you have to invest, you can make it work and work hard using the ETF’s that are available.

The most exciting news is the possibility of having access to the new floatation on the stock market of the Alibaba Group. This floatation is highly anticipated news and one that is going to send the stock market into a flurry. Unlike the problems that were experienced recently with the floatation of the King Digital Entertainment, which saw the price in shares drop dramatically from the IPO price that it was floated at, on the stock market. This is the company responsible for the Candy Crush Saga and other similar games. Unfortunately, the investors haven’t believed in the company’s ability to produce highly sort after games.

The Alibaba Group is one of the biggest companies floated on the stock market, since the Facebook floatation nearly two years ago. They have chosen the American stock market over an option closer to home because of the ability of the owner to stay in control of the company in America, in Hong Kong for instance, you lose the power in the company. This might explain why no large company in many years that has chosen the Hong Kong market for floatation.

Where people are investing in the ETF’s market

People seem taken with the older companies as the place to invest rather than the new. This is great news if you are fully aware of the current markets. But what if you are new to this area? Is it going to be easy to find the companies that are doing great? The important area that you must consider is the independent research that you will need to complete in each area; if you are investing your capital, you want to make sure that you are not just following blindly without knowing the reasons behind the move. This is important with any investing option; know your market, as well as the company that you are considering, even in the ETF market, which has more scope than just buying shares.

The computer industry and the social media sites are as popular as ever, so long as you are aware of the particular company and the potential that is has for the long-term investment and the potential growth for your capital.

Therefore, if you are looking into the ETF’s this year then you will be following a very popular way to increase your capital. They have experienced a very slow start in popularity but this is changing; it is the year of the ETF’s. Doing your homework on the ETF that you are considering is important, this will ensure that it is the right investment opportunity for you and your capital.




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