Why Retired People Don’t Have Enough Money

By | March 13, 2014

retired later in life

Planning for your retirement is important; it is vital if you want to have money with which you can retire and spend your days in comfort and without the need to work.  The problem is that people just aren’t saving enough money each month. After the average person has paid their bills and taken out their living expenses each month, there is nothing left to put into their pension funds.

What is not surprising, but should be worrying, is the number of loans that people have, increasing at a quicker pace than the amount that is saved for people’s retirement.

What happens with no funds

If you have limited savings you are not going to have the money with which you can retire at an early age; you will have to continue working for longer, meaning that you might never fully retire and have the time to do the things that you never have had time to do previously, due to work commitments.

What this means is, you will need to find an occupation that you can work towards, which is suitable for you when you are looking to slow down.

Not saving enough for retirement could have knock-on effects, if you haven’t saved towards retirement there is the possibility that other financial commitments are not fully paid off, including the mortgage. If a mortgage is still being paid then this will mean retirement will not be an option until this financial commitment is completely paid off.

How to save for retirement

It is important that you consider your future, when it is more likely that working full time is a commitment you might not want to continue. By making your retirement a commitment that you must consider, is vital if you ever want to have the option to retire at an age where you have the time to enjoy life, then saving for this time-period it is essential you plan whilst you are working.

There are options for you where the amounts that you save into your retirement account are matched, this is important if you are considering ever having enough money to retire.

How you choose to fund a retirement account is going to be crucial if you are going to have enough money. The options that are opened to you are being prepared, it might be a Scout motto but it is one you should consider. The younger you are when you start to save towards your retirement, will mean you have longer with which to save. If you choose the stock markets or a mutual fund this should give you time with which to build the capital, allowing you to retire at a younger age.

Savings are not high priority when the interest rates are so low. This will have an impact on your funds if you chose to invest in the traditional methods of a bank account. It is essential for you to consider the options that will make your money work harder for you.

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  1. Bridget

    I started saving for retirement at age 25 and I’m so glad. I just love watching that money grow and know I still have years and years before I retire. It makes me feel safe… can’t wait until it makes me feel rich!


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