Woman Are Better Investors

By | March 18, 2014

Men have dominated the investment markets for generations, advising people on the best investment strategy for them. They predominate in the investment markets and this is visible all around the world. They are the ones that have taken the risks and won or lost thousands of millions of dollars over the years.

Women are better investors

But, could women make better judgements as to the potential of a company, could they make the hard hitting choices of investing in the stock and investment markets? Could they judge if the risk of an investment is too high, or if an alternative option is better suited?

The answer is yes and they have been for many years, yet the image of the investor focuses on the men, the power they have over the money that is traded on the stock markets. But women are providing some of the manpower that drives this business forward; they just aren’t as prominent as the men. Males dominate the investment markets around the world. Those women that do manage to break into this field face an uphill struggle to be noticed and valued in comparison to the male counterpart; they are the minority in the investment world.

A recent study wanted to know if men or women were better at trading than the others. Many had a prejudged idea that it is a male dominated world, but surprisingly, to the men, women made the most money. They were more cautious than the male investor was, but they made the most from their investments than the men.

Does this make them better

Just because they made more money, does it make them better investors? Many argue that the males are more disposed at taking the risks, due to the level of testosterone that they have in their body, compared to women.

This chemical is proven to make a person more dominant and has a higher percentage of the willingness to take risk. The stock markets are all about the percentage of risk that you take equates to the amount of return that you are able to make on your capital investment.

But if women make more money than the risk that they take might be less but they have managed to beat the profits gained by their male counterparts. This means that although they take less risk, they are able to make more money from the reduced risk. This implies that, the higher risks taken by the men in this study, they lost a percentage of the money they had to invest in, risking it in stocks and shares and other investment opportunities that lost money.

With these findings in mind, are you going to listen to the women in your life? Are you going to question the choices that you make with regard to the stocks that you are considering buying?



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