World Market Trends

By | April 9, 2014

World market trends

There are exciting world trends that are happening around the globe that allows growth, development and the chance to make money. There is more to making money than just on the world stock markets; other areas are taking the world by storm.

Cryptocurrency market trends

A great example of this is the popularity of the cryptocurrency market trends; there are a number of great currencies out there that are doing very well, it doesn’t matter if you are mining the currency or just using the currencies to buy and sell goods.

The cryptocurrency markets have had some turmoil with the problems that have overshadowed the markets since the beginning of the year when the ill-fated company, Mt Gox Exchange filed for bankruptcy, after losing millions of dollars of customer’s money, to computer hackers.

Stock market prices

As always, there is movement in the stock markets with prices rising and falling of the various stocks and shares. But the company that has made the biggest news is King Digital Entertainment. They recently floated the company on the stock market with an IPO price of $22.50, unfortunately, the traders and investors didn’t like the stock and prices have fallen sharply.

Many believe this is due to the difficulty in producing great games that are going to go viral. The company has managed this with Candy Crush and Farm Hero’s Saga, but these are just two very popular games from over a 100, that are already out in the world that have very limited popularity compared to the two many games.

How can the company prove, two games that have made the company very rich, but the question is can they continue this winning streak formula?

Indian Stock markets

There has been much speculation for the Indian stock markets to grow and develop if the government moves forward with the current reforms that are set to improve the growth and development of the country, and reduce the current high inflation that is causing many investors to view the Indian stock markets as a too risky investment option. This leads to a stagnant market and doesn’t promote the investment markets around the world.

The Indian government is reducing spending and has increased the interest rates with the aim that will help the confidence to return to these unstable markets.

Many are not convinced that enough is happening to remove the pressure that investors are feeling and demonstrating with their cautious actions.

Therefore, it is evident that there is a lot happening around the world in investing and making or using money. Some areas that you could invest in but are risky options, including the current situation regarding the game company King Digital Entertainment and the whole situation in the Indian stock markets.

What is important to realise, are the changes that happen on a daily basis and how they can have an overall effect on the markets, pushing prices up or making them crash back down. There are no guarantees in the markets and no matter where you put your money there is always a risk that you could potentially lose all the capital that you invested in the first place.


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