Book Review: Monkey Business

By | March 9, 2007

Monkey Business – Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle
by John Rolfe and Peter Troob
ISBN 0-446-67695-0
Retail $13.95 US / $19.95 CAN

Monkey Business is a book about two investment bankers’ life stories in investment banking. The stories are expressed explicitly in colorful detail. The authors shamelessly tell us about every thing that happens in their career.

One of my favorite parts are the interviews. Peter goes to the bathroom, which is next to the interview area and after Peter does his business, the odor from the bathroom fills up the whole room during the interview. The interviewers are obviously affected by the smell but they try hard not to be bothered by it. In another interview, Peter is sat in the middle of a huge, long table. Two interviewers sit on either ends of the tables and take turns drilling him with questions. Peter bounces his attention left and right across the two sides of the table like a ping pong ball. Peter knew the company did this on purpose to see how he would perform in this setup. It is a funny scene.

The life of an investment banker is very chaotic. It is not for everyone. You’re working 80-hour weeks and are always on the run. You could be working in New York one day and be in a client meeting in London another day, and then meet another client in Tuscan on the day after.

There are good perks in investment bank, however. You get to fly first class, stay in five star hotels, and go to fancy restaurants. You also make good money, even though you may not have time to enjoy it.

The book talks about the pros and cons of investment banking and all the things that goes on behind closed doors. The book is captivating and easy to read. After reading this book, you will find yourself either loving investment banking or hating it.

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