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How To Go Broke I have added the capability of posting YouTube videos on my blog. By the way, the above video will show you how to go broke, not rich. If you continue to believe in infomercials and get-rich-quick schemes, you’ll go broke faster than the video finishes playing.

WordPress Templates

WordPress offers a lot of themes. I haven’t had time to browse all of them yet. I like the theme I’m using now, but I want a 3-column blog template. I emailed the author of the template I’m using but he has not responded to me. I planning to switch to a 3-column template with… Read More »

2005 Investment Goal Results

Back in June 2005, I made a daring investment goal of making $20,000 profit in stocks over a year period. I went back to my records today and saw that on June 1, 2006, I have made a gain of $11,000. I’ve only accomplished 55% of my goal. Note, I’ve added a total of $50… Read More »

Penfed 6.25% CD Strategy

Penfed is currently offering 6.25% APY CDs for their 3 to 7 year terms. The rate is very attractive for an investment with virtually no risk. This rate is among the highest, if not the highest insured-rate in the nation. With interest rates expected to decrease in the future, it would be a good idea… Read More »

Be Careful on Giving Unsolicited Advice

I love reading up on financial news and learning more about personal finance. And I like helping people as well. Sometimes, I give advice to my family and friends. Although they would listen for the most part, they almost never act on what I tell them to do. It’s interesting that despite my honest advice… Read More »

New Year's Resolution

My Plans for 2007: Move GrowingMoney blog to my own domain. This will give me more flexibility in the web design and I will also have my own web space to host files (photos, PDFs, etc.). Feel free to provide help for those with your own domain. Contribute to my SEP-IRA. I have open a… Read More »

Word of the Day: Options

Options A contract giving an investor a right to buy (call) or sell (put) a fixed amount of shares (usually 100 shares) of a given stock (or indexes and commodities) at a specified price within a limited time period (usually three, six, or nine months). The purchaser hopes that the stock’s price will go up… Read More »