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Introduction to Stocks

Many people who are new to investing have asked me about the stock market and how to trade stocks. I think it’s very important for you to understand how stocks and the stock market work before you start trading stocks. There is a ton of information out there that talks about the stock market and… Read More »

Investing 101 by BCM

Here is an Investing 101 video (3 parts) from Bellwether Capital Management LLC. This video is a good introduction for people who are new to investing. Investing 101 – Part 1 Investing 101 – Part 2 Investing 101 – Part 3

11 Healthcare Facilities Stocks with High Dividend Yields

In this article, I will list 11 Healthcare Facilities stocks with the highest dividend yields. Healthcare Facilities is a good sector to look for income stocks, especially for the long term. They have a long history of paying out dividends.  In addition to the dividend yield, I will also looked at Dividend Consistency, which is… Read More »


TD AMERITRADE is offering a double reward for making a referral to their trading platform. Hurry, sign up for your Ameritrade account now. Let me refer you and I will give you the $50 Amazon.com Gift Card as my way of saying thanks. TD AMERITRADE Benefits: Powerful trading tools and resources Exceptional value and service… Read More »

5 High Yield Dividend Stocks for 2009

In a recession year, there may be little growth in the economy, but that does not mean our portfolios have to suffer. In the time we are waiting for the stock market to pick up again, holding high yield dividend stocks is the best way to increase profits. We look for solid companies that provide… Read More »